The Man with No Borders


A father comes to terms with his mortality and secrets in a heartrending novel of family and forgiveness

It is a time of reckoning for José-Maria Alvarez, an aristocratic Spanish banker living in a Swiss village with his American wife. Nearing the end of a long and tumultuous life, he’s overcome by hallucinatory memories of the past. Among his most cherished memories are those of his boyhood in 1950s Franco-era Spain and the bucolic afternoons he spent salmon fishing on the Sella River with his father, uncle, and much-loved younger brother. But these fond reveries are soon eclipsed by something greater. José’s regrets and dark family secrets are flooding back, as is the devastating tragedy that drove José into exile and makes him bear the burden of a soul-deep guilt.

Now, as his three estranged sons return to their father’s side, José hopes to outpace death long enough to finally put his house in order and exorcise its demons. Only in his quest for redemption can José begin to understand the meaning of his life—and what his legacy has meant to others.

The Man with No Borders is in development with Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

“Whether he’s untangling the strands of José’s dark inner world or offering a glimpse of a milieu where money serves as both lubricant and salve, Morais effectively reveals how heartbreakingly inadequate even vast resources can be in providing a bulwark against the assault of life’s most formidable challenges. A meticulous unearthing of the painful contradictions in a privileged life.” Kirkus Reviews

“Immersing readers in José’s memories, The Man with No Borders is a fluid, lyrical look at a dramatic and often traumatic life. Fans of Anthony Doerr and Paulette Jiles will enjoy this sweeping novel’s sumptuous locales and heart-wrenching vignettes.” Booklist

“This fictional tour de force is packed with insights on private banking, long, satisfying passages on fishing, and even a cameo of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco.” Audiofile Magazine