Tight Lines, Dad. I Love You.

This is your 90th birthday, Dad. Though you left this world two years ago, you remain very much alive and in my heart. I hope you take up your rod today and go down to the river. I’ll meet you there one day. Not now. But when it’s time. And we’ll fish together again. Today, […]

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The Man With No Borders #6 on Kindle Bestseller List

Yesterday Amazon made The Man With No Borders its “top literary pick” on its prestigious “First Reads” series. This morning my editor at Little A sent me the following note: ““Your book is currently in the top 10 in the Kindle store (#6) and ahead of Delia Owens and Amor Towles! Not bad. 🙂Congratulations! Carmen.”

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When a Picture Launches a Story #2

Mr. Miller looked out the window and swore. It was a Friday night, and his teenage neighbors were out carousing in the village again. “Martha,” he yelled. “Make sure you really douse the garbage with ammonia. Let’s teach the little bastards a lesson!”

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