Whether he’s untangling the strands of José’s dark inner world or offering a glimpse of a milieu where money serves as both lubricant and salve, Morais effectively reveals how heartbreakingly inadequate even vast resources can be in providing a bulwark against the assault of life’s most formidable challenges. A meticulous unearthing of the painful contradictions in a privileged life. – Kirkus Reviews

An absolutely astounding example of a sometimes strange and sometimes unsympathetic character revealing elements of the universal human story, the search for meaning in our lives, through our actions, our legacy, the people we have touched and who touch us. I cannot recommend this book more highly. So skillfully done, so moving. Finished it in a coffee shop and I still couldn’t keep myself from crying. – Rational Reader

When I finished Richard Morais’ latest book, The Man with No Borders, I took a breath so deep my wife asked me what was wrong. – Nikhil Hutheesing

At the heart of this book are the secrets that sustain us as individuals and that sustain our businesses, and how they also eat us alive. This is a fun book; it explores big issues of personality and society. There are lush descriptions of Spanish life that evoke Hemingway, including salmon fishing adventures, crave-inducing meals, and a remarkable cameo by Franco. – Michael Maiello

A fluid, lyrical look at a dramatic and often traumatic life. Fans of Anthony Doerr will enjoy this sweeping novel’s sumptuous locales and heart-wrenching vignettes. – Booklist

I loved the flow of this man’s memories, his demons and his wonders at the grandness of life. I strongly recommend it. – Maev

Best book I’ve read in years. I cannot stop thinking about the main character and his family. I normally do not give books five stars unless it’s a classic book by a classic author. However, in this case I truly believe that Richard Morais is one of the most talented writers that I’ve read this century. – E. White

Fictional tour de force.Audiofile Magazine (Golden Earphones Winner)

This is a beautifully written book. The author manages to slip effortlessly from a reportorial style into dazzling images with a minimum of verbiage. What Barbara Kingsolver did for butterflies (Flight Behavior), and Richard Powers (The Overstory) did for forests, Morais does for fish. – A. Mayten

The Man with No Borders may have me reading novels again. After the first few chapters, I was reading at night until my eyes wouldn’t stay open. – Nancy NC

Morais uses elegant sentences to weave a story filled with emotion and deep insight. The brilliant descriptions of salmon fishing in Spain made me want to book a trip. And the denouement in which José changes his will to divide his fortune is a tour de force of wisdom. This is a deeply affecting book and I can’t get it out of my mind. – T. Ryder